Best Water Filter Pitchers Consumer Reports Reviews

Although in many cities the quality of tap water is excellent, in other places they are not so lucky. This problem can be solved with best filter pitcher consumer reports. Here we show you a selection of the good quality water filter pitchers.

A glass of fresh water is desirable at any time of the year, hot or cold. Of course … do you settle for tap water flavored with pipes or bottled water full of acidic elements? Don’t you think that if we are 70% water, we should care a little more about the quality of what we drink? If your answer is yes, then surely the article that we have prepared for today will be more than interesting, since we are not only talking about quality and good prices . We also talk about health.

A few years ago these practical items became one of the star gifts for newlyweds or seniors, although they have not been slow to become popular for all kinds of users. We have been researching thoroughly and reviewing hundreds of opinions to offer you the best water filter jugs that can be found on the market today.

Advice to choose? Always check the durability of the filter and the capacity of filtered water. They are the basic points to find the perfect water filter pitcher.

List Of Top Rated Best Water Filter Pitcher Consumer Reports

  1. Seychelle 1-41501-W pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  2. ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter
  3. PUR PPT711W Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher
  4. Invigorated Water – AWP-3pkfilter Water Filter Cartridge
  5. Aquagear Pitcher Water Filter Pitcher – Fluoride
  6. Waterdrop WD-PT-04W Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  7. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher
  8. Hydros 8-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  9. Brita 1.00603E+13 Water Pitcher

1- Seychelle 1-41501-W pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelle 1-41501-W pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelles’ alkaline water filters introduce Ultra-premium quality water filters with good durability of products. Seychelles is one of the most well-known water filtration pitchers brands for 20 years serving with the best quality assurance.

The first alkaline filter pitchers are made in the USA and tested with all quality assurance possibilities. These super innovative water filtration pitchers are perfectly designed for maintaining a healthier lifestyle under hygiene-controlled systems in households.

Moreover, these filter pitchers come with an advanced feature of enhancing the ph level of water up to 9.5, making it more alkaline and suitable for your health in your daily routine.

An improved and re-engineered water intake system with unique features of removing the organic and organic containment from the water causes acidity. Seychelles’ water filter pitcher provides a detailed level of purification that makes sure that your serving water is 100% pure and healthy for you.

Additionally, this filtration pitcher is extremely simple to maximize users’ convenience, so compact and smart that it fits easily in your fridge for cooling and storing water. Enhanced filtration with high profile layout of our water filter pitchers offers an accessible refilling facility by hassle-free lid filling.

Introducing a 100-gallon capacity water filter pitcher with user-friendly reliability provides 4 cups capacity that meets your comfort zones.

Notable features:

  • Most trusted water filtration brand
  • Made and tested in USA 
  • High profile quality assurance
  • Enhances water ph levels
  • Filters primary sources of acidity from drinking water
  • Easy fridge fit compact design
  • 4 cups capacity
  • Easy refilling lid

2- ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

Make your lifestyle way more healthy and peaceful with our zero water filter pitcher introducing the best quality filtration system for your family and household. Our BPA-free water filter pitcher offers all-time availability of cleaner and pure tasting water in your hands effortlessly filtered.

No more worrying about the quality of water you’re drinking in your hands! The complimentary water quality meter included will provide you quality assurance at any minute before drinking for 100% satisfaction and health.

Moreover, this unique water filter pitcher is perfectly designed with 5 stages of filtration system to bring you better-tasting water that suits your health purely. The combination of carbon filtration and ion exchange technology reduces the containment from water that causes acidity.

Our zero water filters are not ordinary pitchers! Its NSF-certified system effectively removes lead and other heavy metals from drinking water. Good durability and quality assurance of the water filtration offer the removal of 99.6% of total dissolved solids.

Additionally, our water filter pitchers are super inventively designed with a compact sizing of brands to be portable and smartly handled for daily use. These user-friendly pitchers are unique with a variety of cleaner water options, removing all impurities right before your drinking.

We prioritize your health more than anything! Our pitchers, tumblers, and filtration bottles are specified for efficient removal of impure solids and harmful contents from water, offering a 10 cups capacity for all-time availability for the purest tasting water.

Notable features:

  • BPA free fridge fit in water filter pitcher
  • 5 stage filtration system
  • Carbon filtration and ion exchange technology
  • Removes 99.6% of impurities from drinking water
  • Compact filtration system with smart and portable features
  • 10 cups water capacity of clean and better tasting water
  • NSF certified and quality assured

3- PUR PPT711W Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher

PUR PPT711W Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher

PUR ultimate filtration water filter pitcher comes with unique and surprising reliability, ensuring cleaned and pure tasting drinking water. They are featuring the best functionality of easy to fill lid that provides refilling convenience with an utmost simple designed pitcher.

A clean sensor monitor accommodates your 100% satisfaction of cleaner and better-tasting drinking water, providing an indicator for filter status. PUR-7 ultimate filter pitcher is WQA certified, and quality assured appliances effectively reduce lead and other harmful containment from water.

The efficiency of cleaning water and making it pollutant-free with glass-cleaned drinking water is healthy for your daily lifestyle. The guaranteed water filtration system is smart and compact to place easily in your fridge with smart fitting and provides cool cleaned water availability all the time without any rushing towards dispensers and coolers.

The most recommended lead-reducing filter pitchers come with certified qualities and features that make them irreplaceable. Compatible with fridge fittings and easy handling with a jug-shaped design.

Moreover, our PUR-7 unique water filter pitcher is perfectly designed for sophisticated household and office use. Instant cleaning and purification system for all-time water facilities for healthy drinking maintains the healthy fiber and minerals within the composition and super-efficient removal of harmful containment.

Additionally, you can enjoy cleaner drinking water in your hands with its 7 cup capacity of water storage that makes you relaxed and comfortable for refilling.

Notable features:

  • Large water capacity storage
  • Ultimate water filtration system with fridge fit in size
  • Compact and smart design pitcher for easy handling
  • Removes lead and other harmful containment 
  • WAQ certified and quality assured filter 
  • Known brand of pitchers with advanced technologies

4- Invigorated Water – AWP-3pkfilter Water Filter Cartridge

Invigorated Water – AWP-3pkfilter Water Filter Cartridge

Ultimate water filtration system with huge water capacity providing quality functionality of cleaner and better-tasting drinking water for your healthy lifestyle. A vast water storage capacity of 1500 cups allows care-free availability of all-time purified water in your household and offices.

PH001 alkaline water filter comes with a fantastic feature of two built-in micro nets that offer extreme cleaning and purification process with higher efficiency removal of pollutants and permeating the healthy minerals within the composition.

Moreover, this US-made high-quality water filter is activated coconut carbon charcoal. It reduces the chemicals and other containment from drinking water by improving the taste and status of water. The latest technology of KDF effectively removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and aluminum to ensure 100/5 pure and healthy water.

Additionally, our PH001 alkaline water filter is perfectly designed with advanced features of an enhanced ultra-filtration membrane that removes tiny harmful particles along with sand dust. Softening water with the increase of its alkalinity up to ph 10 makes it more easily absorbed.

Taking your water filtration to the next level with a super innovative design offers a compact filtration system and easy to handle. The premium material makes it BPA-free, and food-grade quality assured. Our SGS certified water filter is a fantastic offer for all purification and filtration plants with affordable charges.

Notable features:

  • Huge water storage capacity
  • Multi stage alkaline water filter with micro nets
  • Allows permeation of beneficial minerals in water
  • Removes harmful containment and chemicals 
  • KDF technology for removal of heavy metals
  • Enhanced design of ultra-filtration membrane
  • BPA free and SGS certified

5- Aquagear Pitcher Water Filter Pitcher – Fluoride

Aquagear Pitcher Water Filter Pitcher - Fluoride

Aqua gear water filtration system is an ultimate water filter pitcher with unique and smart designing of super innovative style that maximizes users’ convenience.

A premium design for health and sustainability provides a good facility of cleaner and better-tasting water all the time in your household and offices. Sophisticated designed water filter comes with advanced features of BPA free made filter pitcher that is simply recyclable.

Super unique water filter is known for its efficiency that offers 20 times more effective removal of harmful containments and chemicals from the drinking water. Moreover, the filter allows advanced permeation of healthy trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water composition that some other filters strip out of it.

NSF standards 42 and 53 meet for containment reduction are rigorously assured for the water quality testing. The filtration status is maintained with the best and known functionality of the purification process.
Our high capacity filters are perfectly designed with excellent features of all time cleaned water facility with its 150 gallons capacity. The durability of the filter pitchers is promising for lifetime use with high-profile construction in the USA. Reliable water filtration system best consumed with the lifetime guarantee of the product and user-friendly customer care services.

We prioritize your health to keep you highly hydrated and healthy with the high-quality assurance of our water filters, offering free of charge replacement of filter in case of any breakage or damage.

Notable features:

  • Premium design for health and sustainability
  • BPA free and recyclable
  • Efficient removal of harmful chemicals and containment from drinking water
  • Super innovative design with triple capacity filters 
  • Durable and quality tested filters
  • Lifetime guarantee and free of charge replacement

6- Waterdrop WD-PT-04W Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Waterdrop WD-PT-04W Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Revitalize your lifestyle with certified high-quality filtration systems. Waterdrop store introduces the best water filters that are NSF 42 certified to reduce chlorine and other heavy metals that are harmful to health.

High-grade quality assured water filter pitcher comes with promised durability of the BPA free filtration system with a simple and super smart design of wooden handle that makes easy handling of the pitcher with grip. Our perfectly designed filter pitcher is silver loaded with activated carbon and charcoal for premium and optimal filter performance.

7 stage water filtration technologies come with our ultra-premium water filters that allow effective removal of arsenic, fluoride, and lead. 100% satisfaction of our user-friendly pitchers of cleaned and better-tasting water with an assurance of containment-free water.

Our intelligent designed pitcher is smart enough to ensure a healthier and carefree life of users providing an all-time water quality status indicator with simple notifications. A luxury LED display mode setting allows water sensing when being poured for comfortable handling.

Additionally, this perfectly designed compact and super smart water filter comes with a spout lid opening that maximized the convenience of refilling and cleaning the dust over the filter body. High maintenance will lead to the long life of the product with reliability.

Easily fit in your fridge with smart handling and refilling without removing the lid! Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the sustainability of a premium quality water filtration system that offers a massive water storage capacity for all-time pure drinking water facilities. The waterdrop chubby filter pitcher will hold on to 200 gallons of water at a time without frequent refills.

Notable features:

  • NSF 42 and 372 certified for containment removal
  • 7 stage water filtration technology
  • Spout lid for convenience of refilling and cleaning
  • Water quality monitor 

7- Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Maintain your healthy and sustained lifestyle with an ultra-premium water filter independently tested to remove harmful containment from the drinking water, making it cleaner and better tasting. Best choice water purification system that clears tap water from all kinds of pollutants and particles.
Give your lifestyle a fantastic innovation with our water filter that filters water from every harmful containment by just a single pass. This is known to be the most efficient water filter pitcher for household and office use.

We prioritize your health with the best quality assurance of the main daily intake. Drinking water purified from our guaranteed water filter will provide peace of mind for 100% user satisfaction that the water you’re using is entirely pollutants-free and highly healthy.

Moreover, our American-built filters are tested on high profiling beyond NSF testing to meet total hygiene controlled water intake in your daily life. The BPA-free plastic Tritan-made filter pitcher is perfectly designed to protect your drinking water from leaching chemicals.

Fantastic customer care services with the lifetime guarantee of clearly filtered products with an enjoyable taste of clean water. We back our products with a full warranty of money back policy for being user-friendly policies. These clear water filter pitchers are compact and smart sized easily fit in your fridge with simple and convenient handling. A water filtration system comes with a huge water storage capacity of 100 gallons at a time to keep you free from frequent refilling.

Notable features:

  • Peace of mind filtration with total satisfaction
  • Purify tap water with single pass 
  • Maintains beneficial minerals in water 
  • American built filters are tested and certified
  • Prevents leaching of chemicals
  • Lifetime guarantee of products quality

8- Hydros 8-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

They are no more waiting for the purification of water! Now this easy and simple water filter pitcher helps keep you upgraded with a high-quality purification process that leads to a healthy and sustained lifestyle. Pouring super cleaned water with extra hygiene controlled quality assurance will provide the least diseases and stomach problems.

Enjoy better-tasting water with hydros pitchers that fill and cleans water within a minute without any waiting sessions. The fast flow technology filter will accommodate the filtration process with tested and certified independently to the highest particle filtration standard for drinking water.

Our advanced technology filter uses 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing with effortlessly instant cleaning. Our hydros multi filters are easy to install and suit best for household use.

Moreover, the hydros filter is perfectly designed with smart features of its compact design that makes it super convenient for users to handle and refill without any rushing and water waste—pouring spout self-regulates the flow of water to prevent gushing.

Our water pitchers are best compatible with their smart shape sizing that easily fits the fridge’s height for chilling purified water. This ultra-premium water filtration equipment allows quick refilling of water with trouble-free handling.

An environment-friendly water filter pitcher is the best domestic equipment choice that helps you maintain a healthy life and a stylish rubber base finishing that accomplishes a decorated design.

Notable features:

  • Fast flo technology filtration system
  • Huge water storage capacity
  • Stylish design with rubber base finishes
  • Easily handled and refilled
  • Compact size that fits in the fridge
  • Instant purification system with BPA free 
  • User friendly equipment with NSF certified performance

9- Brita 1.00603E+13 Water Pitcher

Brita 1.00603E+13 Water Pitcher

Great choice water filtration system with high profile construction prevents leaching of chemicals with its BPA-free material. Prioritize your health with the high-quality assurance of products that provides clear and better-tasting drinking water.

Colossal water storage capacity that holds 10 cups of water at a time to avoid frequent refilling. Trouble-free filtration system with an environmentally friendly pitcher that saves you from using 1800 plastic bottles.

User-friendly water filter pitchers are incredibly healthy and sustainable cleaning sources that remove harmful containment from the water. Safe and pure drinking water makes a healthy and peaceful life!

Moreover, our Brita pitchers are perfectly designed with smart features that allow a compact-sized pitcher to fit your refrigerators easily. Standard-sized filter pitchers are accomplished with easy and convenient handling.

Additionally, Brita pitchers are a super innovative filtration system that can be easily refilled without water wastage. It efficiently removes pollutants and heavy metals from the drinking water by maintaining the beneficial minerals within the water composition.

Brita offers the best quality certified filter pitchers designed with stylish glass plastic finishing to accommodate your decorative kitchen and brings out a peace of mind of 100% satisfaction in drinking quality water.

Notable features:

  • 10 cups storage water capacity 
  • Compact size fits in fridge easily
  • Simple and easy handling for refilling
  • Removes harmful containment from drinking water
  • Maintains beneficial minerals of water composition
  • BPA free plastic 
  • Environmental friendly 


Huge capacity:

Water pitchers with large water storage capacity are super convenient for household use in your daily life routine to accomplish the pure water facility all time. Enjoy filtered water with trouble-free frequent refilling options.

Water purification:

The filtration process accommodates the best quality water for a healthier lifestyle that provides the least targets of diseases and stomach disturbances—super innovative technology of instant purification of tap water that leads to a cleaner and better-tasting water.

Chemical removal:

Effortlessly removing the activity of chemicals and harmful containment from the drinking water is the priority of all filter pitchers in line. The heavy metals and pollutants are reduced from the water composition while maintaining the beneficial minerals of water efficiently.

High quality:

The BPA-free plastic materials are used to make our filter pitchers solid and reliable in long-lasting use with advanced durability of products. The material prevents the leaching of chemicals and keeps your pure water cleaned and safe for drinking.

Water softening:

The extremely cleaned water is the best quality of all kinds of pitchers. Providing soft and ultra-pure water for daily drinking purposes is an enhanced feature of filter pitchers. Better-tasting water will lead to a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

Compact and stylish:

These filter pitchers are perfectly designed with compact sizing to fit your refrigerators and serve you chilling purified water. The stylish plastic glass finishing will help you clean it more accessible to maintain the durability for our filter pitchers’ long-term use.

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