Best Toaster Ovens Consumer Reports Reviews

If you are looking for the list of the best toaster oven consumer reports, take a look at our recommendations for 2021. Nothing beats the smell of warm bread as soon as you wake up. A healthy Mediterranean breakfast includes the consumption of complex sugars, fresh milk, a nice hot coffee to energize and seasonal fruit.

If you want to take care of your diet and you have the possibility to prepare your morning meal calmly, take a nice slice of toast, spread a layer of butter on it and then a nice spoonful of jam, perhaps homemade.

You have watering, right? Yes, but you need a nice toaster , an essential appliance in any self-respecting kitchen, with which to prepare the classic toast with cheese and ham, as well as excellent bruschetta or croutons to dip into a tasty soup. If necessary, you can also make fragrant a piece of focaccia, a brioche, or even cook some frankfurters

… In short, once you have purchased the toaster, place it on the kitchen counter and use it whenever you want to prepare a quick and crunchy snack.

We have an important distinction on how to insert the bread: the classic vertical toaster , which may or may not be equipped with small gripper grids in which to store the slices of bread, or the horizontal one , which opens from the top, with a fixed plate. on which to store the bread and a piece of furniture that closes and seals the appliance. Now all toasters have a timer , sound or light, which warns you when the bread inside is toasted properly.

If you allow me I would like to help you in purchasing the best toaster for you. After careful research I want to show you which are the best products that have had a good market response, in the different price ranges taken into consideration. I am sure that among these you will find the best toaster to prepare your breakfasts and snacks.

List Of Top Rated Best Toaster Oven consumer reports

  1. Panasonic NB-G110P FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven 
  2. Oster Toaster Oven | Digital Convection Oven 
  3. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven 
  4. Black+Decker 02648008504 Countertop Convection Toaster Oven
  5. Breville BOV900BSSUSC the Smart Toaster Oven 
  6. Breville the Compact Smart Oven, Countertop Electric Toaster Oven

1- Panasonic NB-G110P FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven 

Panasonic NB-G110P FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven

If you are a working person and don’t have enough time to cook properly or hate to wait while cooking, then it is the best product you can buy not only for yourself as a working person but also to be used at your home for ease.

If you are a housewife, then Panasonic compact toaster oven can provide you comfort for cooking, baking, or toasting anytime for your family and yourself.

Moreover, it is made up of double infrared stainless steel that allows us to capture heat inside and cook food properly without wasting any energy as infrared heating elements are placed inside.

Which allows us to bake, cook and reheat properly without wasting electric energy. 

Furthermore, its newly designed ultimate temperature control comes with the touch panel so that you can easily control the temperature inside the oven by setting a timer according to your requirements.

In contrast, the manual touch button allows you to control all the functions easily. 

Additionally, it comes with a see-through glass door allowing you to see the food, and whether it is ready or not, it is connected to a baking rack to easily or smoothly pull the rack whenever you need to.

If you are a pizza lover, its flash press toaster gives you a square shape inner tray to bake a pizza with 9 inches diameter, and you are given additional baking and crumbs tray where you can easily put 4 slices of bread. 

Panasonic FlashXpress compact toaster oven is made up of stainless steel and tangible, so you can easily move it from one place to another. It comes with a 1300-watt cooking capacity helping you cook food instantly without wasting energy and consuming less electricity.

It is also very easy to be cleaned and can be adjusted anywhere in the kitchen because of its compact size.

  • Made up of stainless steel 
  • Double Ceramic Infrared heating 
  • 1300 watts of cooking power 
  • Manual touch sensor 
  • Easy temperature control 
  • Easily cleanable  
  • Removable crumbs and baking tray 
  • See-through glass door 

2- Oster Toaster Oven | Digital Convection Oven 

Oster Toaster Oven  Digital Convection Oven

If you are looking for a toaster oven, then an Oster toaster oven is best for you to go with as it comes with digital convention technology with a wide range of temperature control. 

Its large size toaster can contain 6 slices with faster cooking ability that allows you to cook faster, and the countertop fits up a pan with the measure of 12.5 inches length 2 inches height and 10.5 inches width.

So it covers less space and easily fits into your kitchen, ensuring maximum comfort.

Additionally, if you are a food lover and love to make various foods and bakery items it has the new technology of convection gives you a wide range of temperature control.

So you may cook or bake different food items at different temperatures according to the requirements.

Different types of food are cooked with different styles as this toaster oven gives you 7 different settings to cook food. Furthermore, interior light made your viewing clear to see your food while cooking and stop the oven as per your requirement whenever your food is cooked.  

It has a large interior size with 19.72 widths, 16.29 depth, and 11.39 height where you can bake a pizza up to 12 inches, cookies, casseroles, or even a whole roast, and to keep it easier, you are given a long cord with the length of 31.5 inches. 

In addition to this, it comes with a removable crumb tray for your convenience to clean it up and come with a durable baking pan.

You can easily remove the tray for washing and put it back. It is a 1300-watt oven which saves energy and cooked food properly 

  • Large interior  
  • Removable crumb tray 
  • Digital controls 
  • wide range of temperature control 
  • 7 different cooking settings  
  • Accommodate 12-inch pizza 
  • 6 slice capacity toasters  
  • Stainless steel  

3- Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven 

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven

If you are looking for a multi-functional oven, then here is something for you named Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven plus air fryer, which performs different functions such as cooking, baking, frying, warm and toast all in one oven.   

It comes with a 0.6foot cubic nonstick interior with length*width*Height as 15.50*16.00*14.00 inches so you can cook or roast large food items easily. It also has internal oven light for your convenience, allowing you to look at your food while roasting or cooking.  

Moreover, its adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature as per your need, which can easily control the temperature inside the oven and set the timer of 60 mins and roast whatever you want or cook food your liking.

It automatically shut off after the timers approach zero, and toast shade selector times are also given to you that automatically turn off when the toast is ready and comes with Uc Cubic Feet 3.390 lb.

Additionally, its toaster contains the capacity of 6 slices of bread, which can easily make your bread toasted, and the air fryer fries 3 lb of wings; not only this.

You can make a 12 inches pizza and roasted a 4-pound chicken without any inconvenience because this oven comes with 7 different types of mods and functions; it requires 1800watt, so your food is properly cooked without any wastage of electricity.  

Furthermore, an oven rack is provided inside the oven, which is also removed. A baking pan, air fryer rack, and basket can remove able and easily cleanable. Its air fryer is 3.390 cubic feet, so you can fry your food conveniently. 

  • 6 slices capacity 
  • Durable oven trays and rack  
  • Air fryer rack  
  • 1800watts cooking power 
  • Nonstick cubic interior 
  • Inner light  
  • Adjustable thermostat 
  • Auto timer/ auto-shutoff 
  • 7 different functions 
  • Made of stainless steel 

4- Black+Decker CTO6335S Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

Black+Decker CTO6335S Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

If you are looking for a large space oven with different functions, it’s the best thing.

It includes an extra-large deep space inside the oven for more food and a removable crumbs tray, which is made up of stainless steel that allows us to contain the heat inside the oven so that food cooked properly and baked items properly. 

Moreover, it’s deep enough to contain the whole chicken inside and easily roasted in the oven. It is designed to contain 12 inches of pizza; casserole dishes are put inside and bake items inside it. Not only this, it comes with the dual rack, which is removable or adjustable higher and lower rack according to your food item; you can use the rack or remove it as per your requirements. 

Additionally, it comes with 8 different functions such as bake, broil, toast, bagel, pizza, frozen, snacks, potatoes, and cookies; all the functions can be performed easily on this oven and easy manual control adjusts the temperature according to your food.

In addition to this, convection baking allows it to circulate the heat inside the oven to be cooked or baked easily and faster than other traditional ovens. Even it helps in baking with the circulated air throughout the oven.

Meanwhile, it also saves electricity and Convention cooking doesn’t allow the hot air to escape from the oven, making our food cooked properly.

The BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven also gives a one-touch button for all the range of cooking.

  • One-touch control 
  • Made up of stainless steel 
  • Removable crumbs tray 
  • 8 different functions 
  • Extra-large capacity 
  • Manually Adjustable temperature   
  • Comes with dual rack 
  • Auto timer 
  • Hot Air circulated throughout the oven

5- Breville BOV900BSSUSC the Smart Toaster Oven

Breville BOV900BSSUSC the Smart Toaster Oven

 Suppose you are tired of traditional ovens used only to reheat. In that case, roast, and you are looking for an oven with different options. Here is the best oven by Breville, The Smart Toaster Oven, which comes with an advanced IQ technology allowing you to cook, fry toast, roast, dehydrate, and other functions, etc.

This comes with an element iQ system using smart algorithms and quartz steer power to provide an ideal environment for cooking with 1800 watts and 110 to 120 volts.

In this oven, a PID system is installed to automatically control the temperature, eliminate cold, and spot the precise temperature needed for the food.

Additionally, the Breville Smart Oven Air with Element IQ System is a contrivance countertop oven that cooks, air fry, and dehydrates with the help of super convention and reduces its cooking time.

Which resulting to save your electricity and power of cooking and Air fryer allows you to fry French fries or other food with its combined super convention with high temperature delivers golden crispy fries and dehydration system dehydrate a wide range of food up to four trays at once so you can save your time. 

In addition to this, super convention comes with two fans, one for the regular and the other for the super-fast cooking providing a great amount of hot air and heat, allowing you to fry, dehydrate and roast quickly and perfectly.

Furthermore, it gives you 13 cooking functions such as Pizza, Warm, Cookies, Toast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Proof, Air Fry, Reheat, Slow Cook, and Dehydrate so you may buy only one product. 

It’s large enough to make 12 cup muffin trays easily, and its light is automatically turned on when it is baked.

When you open the door, and allows you to turn it on while roasting at any time if you want to see the progress of food.

The LCD helps you to see the duration, preheat timer, and other cooking functions which indicate whether the food is cooked or not. 

In this package, you get a 13-inch pizza pan, two oven racks, a 9*3-inch broil rack, an enamel roasting pan, a mesh basket rack for dehydrating with an air fryer, and on top of this company gives you a 2-year product warranty.

  • 13 different functions 
  • LCD 
  • Element IQ system 
  • Super convention technology 
  • Automatic temperature control 
  • Air fryer and dehydration settings  
  • Interior oven light 
  • Included accessories 
  • 2 years product warranty 
  • 1800 watts 
  • voltage 110 to 120 
  • Extra-large capacity 

6- Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven

Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven

If you are using traditional ovens and want to get rid of old-style ovens, here is the best oven with the latest technology of element iQ system that distributes the heat into quartz and provides the amount of heat required.

So the heat intelligently provides as per your requirements helps the food cook quickly. 

Additionally, it comes with the 8 different functions of cooking guiding to be perfect, e.g., Bake, Roast, Pizza, and reheat.

It is provided with the backlight LCD for clear display that helps you calculate the proper and exact time, indicating orange light for preheating and cooking.

It creates an easy way to understand that it is completed or not by adding blue light after the one cycle is completed. This also calculates the correct proper temperature according to your food. 

Moreover, it comes with a coating of nonstick inside the oven walls for easy cleaning, and you are given enough space to toast 4 slices or to bake a 12 inches pizza or to roast a whole chicken or a six-cup muffin tray; it can cook all of this. 

In addition to this, the combination of the element iQ system and automatically adjustable temperature control with the LCD and timer.

This is the best oven for you to toast and roast whatever you want to do because it allows all the main functions of traditional ovens with additional function, so you should go for this instead of traditional ones.

  • Element IQ system 
  • 8 cooking functions 
  • LCD display 
  • Auto temperature control 
  • Auto timer 
  • Nonstick coating inside the oven walls 
  • Indicating light blue and orange 
  • Smart heat  
  • 4 slices capacity and 12-inch pizza capacity 

Best Toaster Oven: Selection Guide

To make a careful choice, before buying the best toaster for you , I’m going to show you what are the main features to take into consideration. If, on the other hand, you already know all the elements and have clear ideas, go directly to the section dedicated to product analysis.


The types on the market are that of vertical toasters and that of horizontal models . In the horizontal ones we have two plates which, when closed, toast the bread on both sides. Horizontal models are often multifunctional, allowing you to cook other foods as well. The vertical ones are instead the classic toasters with tongs that heat the bread or toast and eject them once they are ready. 

The horizontal toaster has several advantages over the more classic vertical toaster, and obviously also some disadvantages.

One of the main benefits is that it is easier to clean and keep clean. Once closed it is in fact more hygienic than the vertical one in which the part in contact with food is always open. In addition, horizontal toasters are almost all suitable for making stuffed toasts. The cheese does not run down and can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, there are no problems with the thickness of the toast that you have in the vertical one. Some models even allow you to cook meat and vegetables on the plate. If chosen well they can therefore be more versatile and complete products. The main disadvantages are that they do not turn off automatically and do not eject the slices by themselves.


 Toasters for home use usually have a power that starts from minimum values ​​around 700 watts . The power will depend on both the size of the heating part and the performance of a device. Consider the size of the device according to your needs to avoid energy waste.


The size of the toaster is related to the number of slices of bread or toast you can toast at one time. This is true but not in an absolute sense.

The dimensions of the device are in fact also linked to the design. In fact, we will find devices designed for a person whose design takes up the same space as a family toaster. Consider the space available in your kitchen to understand which overall dimensions are right for you, consider its use to understand what dimensions you need for the heating parts.


I always recommend buying a product that blends well with the style of your kitchen. Today you can find toasters with traditional lines, or those in the 60s-70s style or even ultra-modern and linear models. As for the colors, you will be spoiled for choice.


There are more or less advanced products in their functionality. In particular, we will find basic roasting functions alongside defrosting functions, timers, egg cookers and much more.


The maintenance of the toaster change much between the vertical and horizontal models. In the horizontal models we usually have plates in non-stick material and designed for the drainage of grease and easy cleaning. The more professional models have the option of detaching the plates and washing them in the dishwasher.

Vertical models often have the crumb tray to empty. The advice in this case is to use toast bags, otherwise cleaning is very complex and ineffective. In general, horizontal toasters are easier to clean.


There are truly products of every price range . Starting from under $50 for the simplest products to reach several hundred dollars for the most advanced and professional models.

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