7 Best Heat Pumps Consumer Reports

The best heat pumps are required to keep the temperature sustained in your home. No matter what season it is, the transporter of heat will be at your service. Heat pumps are a convenient option for homeowners in cold climates. Those who rely on gas and electricity can keep their homes warm.

These products work by capturing heat from indoors and then transferring it into your space via ductwork or central air conditioning. The outdoor coil cools down while inside coils capture energy. It heats up when it is moved back outdoors through an indoor fan coil unit. 

This reverse cycle means you can save money by using less power and keeping our temperatures just right. Heat pumps are used to create a cooling effect in homes. This is done by evaporating heat from the inside and dispersing it outside.

Where there is more space for air circulation, lowering the temperature becomes easier. Heat pumps work because they have two refrigerant coils that move liquid refrigerants while changing gas and vapor phases. It creates energy transfer when these change states occur at different temperatures.

This process does not use electricity so that your hard earned money can be saved on your electric bill. In addition, because technology has advanced over time, we now live in an era where some people do not need their heating system running all year round anymore. Instead, rely solely on a reliable heat pump unit installed indoors to provide them with warm air during cold months.

Heat pumps work by drawing air into their coils or fins, which are heated up. That hot air then circulates through other pipes before being released. If there is plenty of sunshine around, electricity will not be needed because of solar panels. It will generate enough power for both cooling and heating solutions.

List Of Top Rated Best Heat Pumps Consumer Reports

  1. Dometic Air Conditioners B59186.XX1C0 Brisk Air
  2. Goodman 3 Ton 14 Seer Heat Pump System
  4. Tempstar N4H330AKF 2.5 Ton 13 SEER Heat Pump System
  5. DAIKIN 12,000 BTU 17 SEER Wall-Mounted Ductless Heat Pump
  6. 3.5 Ton Maytag 14 SEER R-410A Variable Speed Heat Pump
  7. 4 Ton 18 Seer York YZH04811 Heat Pump

1- Dometic Air Conditioners B59186.XX1C0 Brisk Air

Dometic Air Conditioners B59186.XX1C0 Brisk Air

Suppose you are looking for a product to maintain a cool environment around you and reduce heat. In that case, you are in the right place because Dometic introduced Dometic Air Conditioners B59186.XX1C0 according to your requirements.

It can easily control hot weather and cool vibes during summers. This is the best and better version of the air conditioner due to its amazing features.

The Brisk Air utilizes various kinds of cutting-edge materials utilized by airplane architects to make the unit lighter, better protected, more grounded, and streamlined.

Moreover, this product is specially designed to acquire great performance, and because of its quiet feature, you can enjoy the weather and get peace of mind.

One large air opener continues the airflow and increases the cooling reach. It arrived in a carbon steel base to increase durability, and you can utilize this for a very long time.

This is ideal for small rooms, apartments, kitchens, and living areas where you can spend quality time with your family.

Furthermore, one heating option is also available, so you can also use this in the winter season for heat. While buying this product, you can acquire both benefits from this.

The manufacturer used a very lightweight and quiet motor to provide you best performance. Copper lines and 2 rubber bushings are included to prevent this air conditioner from any sound or vibrations.

Due to its compact size, this does not take much space and best for small areas. Its specific RV forced air system accompanies a total non-ducted roof pack, which implies not accepting extra parts.


  • Very light in weight.
  • Contain Copper lines and 2 rubbers brushing.
  • The carbon steel base is strong and durable.
  • Useful as heater and air conditioner both.
  • Very quiet and powerful motor.

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2- Goodman 3 Ton 14 Seer Heat Pump System

Goodman 3 Ton 14 Seer Heat Pump System

Goodman is famous for their quality base products, and by keeping this in mind, they introduced Goodman 3 Ton 14 Seer Heat Pump System to reduce heat around you.

There are two components: the heat pusher and the second one is the cooling part. Both are connected but work differently.

This warmth siphon has gained notoriety for dependability, or more all, it does not have the extravagant highlights that can cause the “very good quality” units to separate.

This can suck all heat and provide you cool environment around you; also size of this product is 3 tons that can cover small to medium areas easily. Due to heavy-gauge galvanized steel, this is very durable and can work for a very long time.

For dependability, the fan engine is completely encased and forever greased up to take into account a durable unit, just as to forestall the need to re-grease up the fan engine, bringing down upkeep costs.

Installation cost is very less because this unit is fully packed. You can place a heat pump outside your house or rooftop, but you must cover this properly to prevent any weather effects.

Moreover, Goodman is constantly resolved to give the ideal solace to its clients while remaining at a helpful cost and keeping the unit tranquil, productive, and trustworthy.

While buying this, you get a 10-year warranty on all its part so you can enjoy its working without any worry.

The cooling part can give you an efficiency rate from 13.00 to 15.50 SEER isn’t this is amazing to buy also heating efficiency rate is 8.20 to 9.00 HSPF.


  • 3 ton 14 SEER pump.
  • Suitable from small to medium rooms.
  • 10-year limited warranty on all parts.
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cover.
  • Easy installation.



SMART COMFORT TXT TEMPSTAR TCH948GKA200 4 TON Series can easily transfer your burning hot room into the cool ambiance. The productivity evaluations for the warmth siphons range from 19 SEER for the cooling mode.

This Tempstar heat pump is an energy star and A-listed in the USA. Elite HVAC consistently prescribes to customers buying new HVAC warming and cooling framework, including heat siphon units and forced air systems, to ensure you pick a decent neighborhood HVAC worker for hire to establish the new warming and cooling framework.

Moreover, this arrived with Double fuel, able with a viable gas heater and indoor regulator to gives you complete comfort. However, Wi-Fi® far off access accessible for choosing Tempstar heat siphons.

The norm for the area is at least 18 inches, so you need some more space, yet space considers legitimate wind stream and access for administration and fix.

There are 10 years of limited warranty. If you have any issues related to the cooling system, you can inform the company and replace your product without extra cost.

Installation is very important in any air conditioner, and Smart comfort provides you easy installation procedures, which save you both time and money.

Likewise, this product is very quiet in working due to the variable speed condenser fan motor.

Furthermore, you and your family can enjoy cool weather during hot summer days due to such good quality air conditioner.

Just buy this once and because of its good material this product became very durable and can work for many years.

  • Two-stage compressors are given.
  • 10 years limited warranty.
  • Wi-Fi remote access.
  • Easy installation.
  • Good quality material and very durable.

4- Tempstar N4H330AKF 2.5 Ton 13 SEER Heat Pump System

Tempstar N4H330AKF 2.5 Ton 13 SEER Heat Pump System

Tempstar heat pump system is an amazing device to maintain the room temperature in both ways: decreasing the temperature or increasing.

In summer, it pulls the hot air from the room to cool it down, and in winter, it does the opposite by pulling out the cool air, so may use it throughout the year.

Tempstar makes its heat pump with a variable-capacity model with a compressor with a capacity of 40 to 80 percent with quiet, precise heating and cooling function and designed to balance out the more temperature than any other single-stage heat pumps.

It has the WiFi observer control, so you may set the temperature and time with your smartphone even at a distance.

A baked powder coating over the product with its finishing look and to resist rust, corrosion, or scratches.

Tempstar 2.5 ton heat pump has the 13 seer rating where SEER represents the seasonal energy efficiency ratio on the standard of AHRI.

Having a 13 SEER makes it the best option to be used at home, which was counted as 8 or 10 SEER in the past but now, due to the change in size, its SEER has also changed.

On top of this, you are also given a 10-year warranty with registration making it long-lasting, and to ensure that if you are having any problem using it, you can contact the company any time. The free 7-kilo watt heat strip makes you spend less energy, so it can be counted as a pocket-friendly heat pump as well.


  • Work for both cold and summer days.
  • WiFi operation.
  • 10-year warranty with registration.
  • 7 kW heat strip.
  • Best for using at home.
  • 13 SEER rating.
  • Baked powder coating to resist corrosion.
  • Compressor with 40%-80% efficiency.
  • Can work 12 months a year.

5- DAIKIN 12,000 BTU 17 SEER Wall-Mounted Ductless Heat Pump

DAIKIN 12,000 BTU 17 SEER Wall-Mounted Ductless Heat Pump

Daikin is the best heat pump you can ever have as it can maintain the temperature in both ways, either reducing or increasing, and that’s too in a smaller size, making it much easier for you to handle it.

Buying this product, you are given a 10 years part warranty by the manufacturer, making it last longer. If you face any problems regarding the usage, you can access technical support by in-house experts to meet all your needs.

On top of this, it is a ductless mini-split inverter air conditioner, so neither it looks bad, nor it takes much space like other heat pump and takes only 230 volts to work, making it pocket-friendly as well.

You are not given a single split Mini heat pump but a complete package including indoor fan coil, Outdoor condensing unit, a maxwell 15 ft.

An installation kit to make it easy for you to install, and remote control too with a digital display allowing you to set the temperature, timer, or speed as per requirement from a distance.

It is also energy efficient given the 17 at seasonal energy efficiency ratio with the standard set in 2008. As much as higher the SEER will be, the price will be that much lower, and most of the products are between 15-18 SEER.

It can cover a total area of 550 square feet which is more than a living area or a garage making it the perfect choice for your factory, garage, or office and the house.

It can be used for basements and attics to make your house cold or hot throughout the year.


  • Cover the area of 550 sq feet.
  • Best for the office or bigger spaces.
  • Handy remote control.
  • All important accessories are included.
  • Ductless mini-split heat pump.
  • Needs 230 Volts.
  • 17 SEER rating.
  • 10-year parts warranty.
  • Free technical support by in-ho.

6- 3.5 Ton Maytag 14 SEER R-410A Variable Speed Heat Pump

3.5 Ton Maytag 14 SEER R-410A Variable Speed Heat Pump

3.5 Ton Maytag 14 SEER R-410A Variable Speed Heat Pump Split System Heat Pump System is a perfect option for you to provide cool temperature during hot summer days.

So whenever you sit around this air conditioner, you can feel peace of mind.

While buying this, you get many options and features which you can utilize to reduce heating temperature. Due to advanced technology, it uses less electricity that reduces your electricity bills, and safe your money as well.

Due to the dual system, you can avail of this for your benefits; it also has stainless steel coating to make it more versatile and durable for a very long time.

Its stainless steel covering does not allow any rust or weather effects to stay on it.

This contains quite a feature to reduces all voices or vibrations to provide you complete peaceful environment.

The Aerodynamic design is very famous for maintaining airflow, and it can easily suck all heated air and gives you cool air. This is mostly known for its powerful performance and efficient working. Installation is not too tough and costly; rather, you can install this by watching videos available on YouTube or can read manuals arrived with this.

Moreover, it comes with a 12-years limited warranty to ensure your trust and complete performance. Buy this and forget the hot summer weather side effects of your house.

You can install this in medium to the large room due to its amazing capacity. It will make your house very cool and remove all heat.

It contains an energy-saving variable because this Maytag 14 SEER R-410A Variable Speed Heat Pump utilizes very little electricity, so you can save electricity also.


  • 12-years limited warranty.
  • Energy-saving feature.
  • Reduce electricity bills.
  • Enough for medium to a large room.
  • Duel cooling feature.
  • Provide powerful performance.
  • Quiet and efficient motor.
  • Stainless steel coating.

7- 4 Ton 18 Seer York YZH04811 Heat Pump

4 Ton 18 Seer York YZH04811 Heat Pump

4 Ton 18 Seer York Heat Pump is unique due to its many benefits and features, also very important to control heat from your environment.

This product does not require much maintains and very affordable due to less costly. You can easily trust on Seer York heat pump for good quality heat controlling the pump.

This is very good in size, so you can install this easily anywhere without any extra effort and cost. Due to 4 tons, you can further install this in huge areas; you can adjust this in your budget because of its lower cost.

Moreover, Understanding what the warmth siphons offer and which highlights you can live without will go far to track down the best warmth siphon for your financial plan.

No extra cost requires to install this also you can enjoy its amazing features and cooling systems. This support low maintains, and it does not require monthly cleaning or changing.

Instead, you just need to clean this on yearly basics or clean this on weather changing time.

It does not have much voice while working because of low noise motor that means you can save yourself from any noise pollution; not only this, it does not create any vibration during its on or off.

There is one coil metal guard to protect your heat pump from dirt or other dirty particles entering your heat pump.

Furthermore, a compressor protector protects the compressor from any high or low temperature and any excessive temperature.

One amazing fan feature is provided so you can enjoy both cooling and fan capability to acquire a good cool temperature.


  • Amazing coil protections.
  • Compressor protection is given.
  • The heat pump is very environment-friendly.
  • Not required extra installation cost.
  • Less sound and vibrations during the performance.
  • Increases durability and working.
  • Perfect for large areas due to their size.

Best Heat Pumps Buying guide

Wherever you work, stay or live, there has to be a balance of temperature for humans to survive. So to cover for the imbalance of season, a heat pump is a good option. Yet, there a few things to consider before making a purchase.


The upfront cost of heat pumps can be overwhelming for some buyers. But, on the bright side, it will save you a lot in the long run. After you connect it to a solar panel, you can manage to cut down a massive amount of money from your electricity bill.


When getting something convenient for yourself, make sure it does not require fancy maintenance. A combustion based pump needs some parts to be checked once a year. A professional installer must be called for help if you need it.


The installation process can be tricky as many factors are to be noticed. You get to understand the geology, ground placement, and temperature requirements of the house or place. A proper guide is necessary, and one must seek professional help if necessary.

Life span:

The reliability of this feature determines the life of the pump. You can achieve more than 50 years of service if you go with a trustworthy option.

Blower speed:

A better running capacity and speed of the blower will overturn any dull environment into cozy and warm or cool and calming. The airflow output is managed by variable blower speed that can maintain a peaceful environment around the house. The compressor must also not be very noisy as they are in piston style.

Heating types:

Choosing from water and air cooling can be preferred by the user. Water cooling like central heating can survive in both cold and harsh warm weather. This is because it has a heat exchanger installed in its system.

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