Best Electric Blankets Consumer Reports Reviews

Do you have that little tug on your back again? Or do you just don’t want to give up the pleasure of getting into a warm bed? It is very possible that the solution to your problem is to have the best electric blanket consumer reports on hand.

And not only for muscle aches : the heat will help you with other ailments such as menstrual cramps, or it will simply help you warm up the body on very cold days, maintaining a comfortable and constant temperature.

Additionally, a consistent, warm bed temperature has been shown to aid in deeper, more restful sleep .

To make this post, we have dived among the wide variety of electrical textiles on the market and we bring you a selection of the models that we find most interesting, plus a buying guide to help you choose the electric blanket that best suits your needs. you.

5 keys to choosing an electric blanket

Depending on the use that you are going to give it, the main characteristics that you should look at when buying are:

Size: small for local therapeutic applications, or larger if we are going to use it on a bed or to cover ourselves while we watch TV on the sofa. Here what rules is the use you are going to give it.

Power: the more it has, the faster it will heat up and you will get more temperature, something interesting if you are going to apply it to a specific area of ​​the body.

Temperature: normally, the control of an electric blanket has temperature levels. It is interesting that it offers a good range that allows you to choose according to the day.

Fabric or outer cover: see that it is pleasant to the touch and, if you use your blanket or heating pad to relieve muscle pain, it is very possible that you also use some cream. In that case, check that the cover is washable.

Safety: after all, it is a device connected to the electrical network, so it must protect you from possible accidents, either due to burns or short circuits.

List Of Top Rated Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports

  1. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible TRT8WR-R310-25A00
  2. Electric Heated Blankets, Homech HM-BD004 Full Size Electric
  3. Degrees of Comfort DC54-0292 [Advanced Microplush Electric Blanket
  4. Homech HM-BD002 Electric Heated Blankets
  5. ZIRCON-BLANKET-09 Electric Blanket Heated Throw Sherpa & Flannel
  6. Degrees of Comfort DC54-0313 Soft Sherpa Heated Electric Blanket
  7. MaxKare 8541806356 Electric Blanket Heated Throw
  8. Perfect Fit 783602 Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket
  9. Biddeford Blankets 1001-903292-535 Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

1- Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible TRT8WR-R310-25A00

Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket  Reversible TRT8WR-R310-25A00

Sleep better with cozy blankets by sunbeam! A night of peaceful sleep is promised with our electric heated throw blankets that are the best choice for nighttime relaxing hours. Re vitalize your winters with the great comfort of sleeping in a warm bed set.

Our ultra-premium heated blankets are re-engineered with thermofine technology that wraps you firmly in a warm blanket casing and keeps you relaxed while sleeping. Soft blanket material will accomplish the thermal intensity of your bed to maximize comfort levels.

Moreover, our truly advanced featured heated blankets are fully adjustable according to the desired heat controlling system that allows an auto adjustment of thermal efficiency in the bedding. The elite style 11 controllers come with 3 heat settings to choose from with your preference and mood.

We prioritize your tension-free sleeping hours in healthy any relaxing mode. The auto turn-off function features an automatic turn-off system after 3 hours of active time for peace of mind when you’re asleep.

Entirely convenient for household use, our ultra-modern heated blanket is premium soft and made with 100% polyester, allowing its durability for a longer lifetime. You can easily wash this blanket in a machine without any complexity or damage because of its dryer-safe ability without shrinkage.

The large size of this electrically heated bed throw allows complete coverage over the user in bed for the highest peace of mind and ease of sleeping hours. 50 by 60 inches size will provide warmth by its exclusive wiring throughout the blanket inner surface. Sunbeam offers 5 years of limited warranty of their products to meet the most excellent customer satisfaction.

Notable features:

  • Premium soft blanket with warming functionality
  • Large size dimensions for full bed coverage
  • Easy machine washable
  • Super adjustable heat intensity
  • 3 heat settings

2- Electric Heated Blankets, Homech HM-BD004 Full Size Electric

Electric Heated Blankets, Homech  HM-BD004 Full Size Electric

Relax with a great choice of luxurious heating blankets by Homech. Introducing electric heated blankets with super innovative sustainability of ultra-premium sleeping hours. Enjoy your nighttime with our warm and cozy heated blankets.

Winters are fun now! These premium electric heated blankets are made up of ultra-soft and soft material that makes you fully relaxed the very moment you lay in your bed. 100% polyester form will avoid any shrinkage or damage to the blankets and allow long-term use with good durability.

Extra-large-sized heated blankets are 72×84 inches with complete bed coverage that quickly warms your bed to combat cold winters. Customized heat settings make this bedding equipment super adjustable. You can easily set your desired temperature level from 10 options via an easy-to-use controller.

Moreover, this heated blanket is perfectly designed with safety-assured features that offer an auto turn off after 12 hours. A built-in protection system will keep you safe from overheating and temperature safety.
Warm and gentle cuddle with a simply ultra-soft flannel micro plush touch that will ease you in the bed for a long time without any shivering or uncomfortable lying in winters.

Additionally, this ETL-certified heated blanket is super innovatively designed to be maintained with a fantastic feature of machine washable to keep it usable for years without any damage.

Notable features:

  • Imported , 1005 polyester made product
  • Extra-large size with full bed covering
  • Easy maintenance by machine washable feature
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • 12 hour timer for safe use
  • 10 temperature levels
  • Luxury soft and comfortable fabric
  • Comprehensive protection system
  • ETL certified

3- Degrees of Comfort DC54-0292 [Advanced Microplush Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort DC54-0292 [Advanced Microplush Electric Blanket

Safety ensured advanced heated blankets with ultra-premium functionality to relax your bedtime in harsh winters. A degree of comfort introduces the safest and well-known electric heated blanket free of all electromagnetic radiations that are harmful to the skin.

We prioritize your healthy sleep time with our 100% UL-certified blankets that serve you best. Super affordable with less electricity consumption system provides complete relaxation of your nigh time.

Enjoy adjustable temperature warmth with degrees of comfort heated blankets that allow you to set heat intensity from 20 heating levels according to your preference with the help of our comfortable LCD controller.

Moreover, this electric heated blanket comes with a 12.5 ft longer cord to maximize the user’s convenience in providing plenty of reach to your nearby plug source. Easily clean and maintain its durability for years by just washing it into the machine.

Disconnect the controller system and give it a slow agitation wash in the Luke warm water to protect its soft and smooth micro plush texture for your usable conditions. You can toss it in a low heat dryer or even let it dry in the air.

Our super innovative designed heated blanket is smartly built to last for years with its silky and smooth touching texture that makes your sleeping and cuddling so peaceful. Degrees of comfort heated blankets come with 5 years of the limited warranty that provides the best customer care services for user’s satisfaction.

Notable features:

  • Large size blanket for full bed coverage
  • Safety assured with UL certification
  • Super affordable bedding equipment
  • 20 adjustable heating levels
  • Led display controller
  • Easy machine washable 
  • Long power cord with maximum convenience
  • Stays silky soft with 5 years of warranty

4- Homech HM-BD002 Electric Heated Blankets

Homech HM-BD002 Electric Heated Blankets

Upgrade your lifestyle with ultra-premium Homech electric heated blankets, your best warming up solution to harsh winters. With ultra-improved heat preservation, you can enjoy your bedtime with our double-layer deluxe and soft flannel-designed blankets that provide smoothness and a complete sense of comfort.

The super-adjustable heated blanket offers a versatile selection of your desired heating levels among 10 temperature settings. You can sleep in a hot blanket for peace of mind. Intelligent heat sensors prevent overheating with the maintenance of optimal temperature.

Our super innovative heated blanket backed with ETL certification allows you to relax in highly cozy and comfortable bedding. This Homech electric heated blanket’s advanced functionality comes with high-profile PTC and NTC heat technology that offers instant heating within seconds. No need to wait beside the bed to be warmed up!

Easy use remote-controlled heating blanket provides a power-on button that serves you with super cozy uninterrupted bedtime. Moreover, our blankets are perfectly designed to maximize user’s safety and convenience. Homech comes with a built-in auto turn-off feature that automatically turns the heating system after 3 hours for power saving and secure sleep time.

Additionally, our heated blankets are amazingly easy to maintain and clean. These are machine washable that benefit your hygiene care—softness for years.

Notable features:

  • Improved heat preservation with double layer soft flannel design
  • 10 switchable heating levels
  • Safety assurance with fast heating technology
  • ETL certified
  • 3 hours auto turn off 
  • Machine washable and easy care

5- ZIRCON-BLANKET-09 Electric Blanket Heated Throw Sherpa & Flannel

ZIRCON-BLANKET-09 Electric Blanket Heated Throw Sherpa & Flannel

Get a warm and smooth wrap around your body with the deluxe softness and heating system of your bedtime with zircon electric heated blankets. Sleep satisfied with extreme coverage of heating blankets that keep you warm and cozy all night in harsh winters.

Our ultra-premium heated blankets are a solution to your tiring muscles1. The steady heady will gradually dilate your blood vessels and regulate the blood circulation that relieves sore muscles and pains. Our blanket is super innovative bedding equipment that is best for athletes looking for a quick recovery!

The advanced auto turn feature will make your heated blanket so affordable by power saving and keeping your bed cozy and warm for a long time—no need for frequent turning on and off. Enjoy our heating blankets’ versatility offering 3 different temperature levels to select the desired heat intensity according to your mood.

Additionally, we prioritize your comfort at our best levels by providing a 6 ft long cord that allows a convenient reach to your nearby plug outlet without getting out of your warmed-up bed. The conveniently placed 3 ft controller cord can easily be reached and tucked away under the carpet.

100% satisfaction of our users with best customer care services offering a 5 years warranty with super-advanced durability and reliability for long-term use.

Notable features:

  • Therapeutic heat relief from sore muscles and pains
  • Auto shut off for power saving and safety use
  • Regulates blood circulation
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • 3 heating levels
  • Perfectly positioned long cord
  • Built to last for long time with 5 years warranty

6- Degrees of Comfort DC54-0313 Soft Sherpa Heated Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort DC54-0313 Soft Sherpa Heated Electric Blanket

Degrees of comfort bring you a soft Sherpa heated electric blanket with a complete warming session of bedtime. Enjoy winters with cozy heating featured blankets made up of 100% microfibers that are ultra-soft.

Choose your relaxing sensation between a thick fuzzy Sherpa finish or a more silky mink weave. Our double-sided super soft heated blanket is a combination of heating and relaxing facilities with super adjustable settings of automatically turning off after a 1 to 10 hours timer. Our safety feature gives you peace of mind in care-free sleep time.

Moreover, our heated blankets are perfectly designed with the innovation of 20 heating levels that allows you to select your desired temperature settings. Melt away your pain and sleep in a fully relaxed condition. The steady heat will dilate your blood vessels that efficiently regulate blood circulation and relieve your tiring sore muscles. Best choice for athletes looking for a quick recovery!

Ultra-premium design heated blankets provide a sustained warming session with a super soft textured surface that is smooth enough to keep you relaxed all time. Our heated blankets are super simple to wash! Just disconnect the controller system wiring and wash it on a slow cycle in the machine with cold water.

Our ultra-modern designed electric blankets are built with extreme durability that lasts for years of life, offering a 5 years warranty with the best customer care services being user-friendly equipment.

Notable features:

  • 100% microfiber soft flannel 
  • Adjustable auto shut off after 1 hour timer
  • 20 heating levels setting
  • Regulates blood circulation and melts away sore muscles pains
  • Super simple to wash and easy care
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Perfect for athlete’s quick recovery

7- MaxKare 8541806356 Electric Blanket Heated Throw

MaxKare 8541806356 Electric Blanket Heated Throw

A blanket with the warmth of an extreme cozy sensation! Maxkare electric heated blankets are super innovative bedding equipment that will ensure your peaceful sleep time in harsh winters.

ETL certification provides quality service of high-profile performance. The unique distribution of wiring offers complete coverage of a uniform heating system that ensures user safety. Overheat protection allows a safer user experience of relaxing bedtime.

Super adjustable control system comes with one button easy control system that offers you to select desired heating level among 4 heat intensities. Our versatile heated blanket warms up your bed within 5 minutes and gives a cozy feel all night.

Ultra-premium material used for sustained entire body use blanket with smoothness and soft texture. Deluxe and soft flannel blanket touch are skin-friendly, helping preserve heat within the blanket for a longer time.

Ultimate relaxation is provided with advanced features of its machine washable ability, making easy maintenance and care. The detachable power cord and controller help efficiently wash the blanket offering a complete hygiene-controlled bed throw by your side.

Wrap up your body with our extra-large-sized electric heated blanket perfectly designed to embrace whole-body relaxation. Enjoy the soft and smooth texture of the heated blanket for years with its good durability and reliability.

Moreover, we prioritize your peace of mind more than anything! Sleep care is free with electric heated blankets that automatically turn off after 10 hours for power saving and user satisfaction.

Notable features:

  • ETL certified assured safety
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • One button easy control system
  • 10 hour auto shut off feature
  • Adjustable temperature with 4 heating levels
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Extra-large size to embrace whole body coverage

8- SoftHeat by Perfect Fit LVBT-H2-036 | Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit LVBT-H2-036  Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

No more shivering all night in harsh winters now, gentle heat by perfect fit brings you the coziest solution to your bedding with luxury touch heated blankets that are electrically powered for a quick and instantly warm-up system.

High profile performance with the sustained heating system provides assured safety blankets with advanced features of automatically shut off after 10 hours of activity for peace of mind. Now sleep carefree without any worrying of overheating. This ultra-premium heated blanket is efficient to produce uniformly distributed heat all over the bed.

Moreover, our electric heated blanket’s low voltage technology allows secure usage for daily routine—safest bedding solution without any emission of EMFs or harm to pets. User-friendly bedtime equipment offers maximum convenience of nighttime, especially in winters.

The single control system provides complete comfort using under non-hazardous electric heated blanket conditions patented the safest—an impressive backlit display with an auto-dimming feature for nighttime convenience.

Additionally, our super innovatively designed heated blanket is made from luxurious ultra-soft microfleece fabric—skin-friendly blanket with built in micro thin wires for more evenly distributed heat energy all over the bed.

Our 100% polyester heated blanket is perfectly designed to maximize the user’s convenience of maintenance and easy care. This machine-washable bed equipment allows quick washing in warm water and slow setting tumble dry.

Notable features:

  • 100% polyester made
  • Luxury micro fleece ultra-soft texture
  • Skin friendly full body coverage
  • Single controlled system
  • Low voltage technology 
  • Auto turn off after 10 hours
  • Backlit display with auto dimming
  • Extra-large size to embrace full body
  • Machine washable and easy care

8- Perfect Fit 783602 Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket

Perfect Fit 783602 Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket

Perfect fit electric heated blankets are super innovative bedding equipment that serves a cozy sensation with maximum nighttime sleep comfort: no more shivering and uncomfortable sleeping in harsh winters.

Sleep with peace of mind to start up a new day with freshness upgraded.
Our polyester blend heated blanket provides an ultra-soft and luxurious texture for being skin-friendly. These electric heated blankets are made from an incredibly soft micro plush fabric that makes your sleep time more than comfortable.

Decorative triple rib design makes our heated blanket so unique and ultra-modern, complimenting your room interior providing full-body coverage. Extra-large size covers the entire bed with cozy sensation preserving heat for all night.

Perfect fit introduces the simplest heated blankets that are perfectly designed for easy care and maintenance. Its advanced feature of machine washable material offers long-term use facilities and good durability of the bedding equipment.

Moreover, the blanket is divided into two separate zones and includes dual lighted controls for individual adjustments and comfort. Automatically shuts off after 10 hours of activity for safety assurance and power-saving—most reliable equipment with fully secure and simple wiring distribution.

Moreover, our ultra-premium heated blankets are machine washable under a delicacy of low settings for quick and instant cleanliness, offering a hygiene-controlled wrap-up around your body for long-term use.

Notable features:

  • Polyester blend ultra-soft texture
  • Micro plush fabric with decorative design
  • Dual lighted controls for users convenience
  • Auto shut off after 10 hours
  • Machine washable and easy care
  • Extra-large size for full body coverage

9- Biddeford Blankets 1001-903292-535 Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

Biddeford Blankets 1001-903292-535 Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

No more shivering all night in harsh winters! Biddeford introduces a versatile comfort zone of bedding equipment with its electric heated blankets. Our comfort knit design is the perfect companion to keep you warm and cozy all night.

This ultra-soft heated blanket provides uniform heat distribution throughout the blanket for a consistent temperature-controlled restful night’s sleep.

We prioritize your night sleep the most with an analog control system that offers dual heat zones by maximizing user convenience. A cozy sensation to your winter’s solution with the ultra-modern heating system. The super-adjustable heated blanket comes with 10 personalized heat settings for selectable temperature. Therapeutic warmth allows relaxation of tiring sore muscles with a sustained optimal temperature to embrace comfortable nighttime sleep.

Moreover, our heated blankets are machine washable bedding equipment that offers easy care and maintenance. Keep your bed throw hygiene controlled with its smart cleaning under delicate machine settings and simply drying features.

Enjoy cozy sleeping hours for a complete relaxing sensation all night with promised durability of the heated blankets that serve long-term reliability. 5 years of warranty for best customer care services. And the satisfaction of purchase.

Notable features:

  • 100% polyester ultra soft texture
  • Therapeutic warmth for total relaxation
  • 10 personalized heat settings
  • Machine washable and easy maintenance
  • Packaged in a zipper bag for safety
  • 5 years warranty for reliability
  • Ultra-premium design with delicacy of micro plush fabric
  • Skin friendly blanket

Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports BUYERS GUIDE

Sleep temperature:

A perfect sleeping environment is maintained with optimal temperature and heat intensity to provide heat preservation that keeps the bed warm all night. Relaxation of sleep time offers adjustment of temperature with ultra-modern performance.


The ultra-premium design of heated blankets comes with the therapeutic warmth that regulates blood circulation throughout the body and relieves sore muscles and pain. The optimal heating sensation dilates vessels and relaxes the tiring body tendons.

Heat settings:

The super-adjustable heat settings system makes the heated blankets convenient for the users by providing versatility of heating levels. You can easily select the intensity suitable to your mood and weather. 

Auto shut off:

The automatically turning off feature provides innovation to the heated blankets that serve a pure heating system with power saving. The heated blankets shut off after a specific time interval for peace of mind while sleeping care-free.

Universal size:

The large sizing dimensions of a heated blanket offer full-body coverage within seconds. You can quickly wrap around your body with a uniform heat distribution that evenly heats your bed from all sides.


The high-quality material of heated blankets allows the skin-friendly nature of the bedding equipment. The ultra-soft and micro plush fabric offers a relaxing sensation with its smooth texture. The fire-resistant material provides secure usage of heating blankets. 100% polyester blend sheath will ensure sustained reliability.


The easy-care of heated blankets is widely performed with ultra-premium and easy care. Machine washable blankets are washed under delicate settings and dried with simple drying conditions. The electric heated blankets are cleaned frequently with smart washing.

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